Microsoft Excel Not Updating formulas automatically

Many times we see this problem.
Excel doesn't update the formula values automatically. To make it work We need to manually open formula and press enter.

How to Solve this problem.
1. Check the formulas are correct or not
Press Ctrl + ` to see all formulas ( Again press Ctrl + `) to see normal screen.

2. Follow the below steps to set the formulas to update automatically

Goto File - Excel Options..

Goto - Formulas Tab and Select 'Automatic' Radio button and Press OK

That's it you are done.

Now try changing the values of the cells and check if the formula cell is updating its values automatically.

How to Fix CD/ DVD Drive Missing in My Computer

Let me describe the problem which I faced personally.
CD/DVD Drive is missing or not recognized

Yesterday night my CD/DVD drive was working fine. All of a sudden I don't find my CD/DVD drive in My Computer, Something went wrong I restarted the computer but it didn't helped me.

Then I tried the following steps one after the other
  • Restarted the computer and opened BIOS screen and checked if it is showing there or not. Yes it is shown in BIOS about the CD/DVD drive.
  • Now I thought if I installed some new Hardware/software yesterday. Now I restarted the computer Press F8 and selected "Last Known Good Configuration that worked" , but this also didn't help me.
  • Now what, I right My Computer -> Manage > Device Manager, Right Click on CD/DVD drive Properties, check the Device Status, This shows "The Device is Working Properly"
  • Now I tried updating Device Software ( Right Click CD/DVD drive - Update Driver Software)
    It says the Driver Software is Upto Date.
  • This time I uninstall and Install Driver Software and restarted the computer, this also didn't help me.
Wasted 1 hr doing all these, finally I found a Software which helped me Fix this issue. Its Fix It from Microsoft.

You Can download this from here

This really Helped me fix the problem in 5 minutes. Please click here to check the complete details of this issue.