Mysql Time Zone is different from System Time zone

I changed System Time Zone to IST. But mysql is showing different timezone.

To know what time zone mysql is using, type below command.

sql> show variables like '%time_zone%';

| Variable_name    | Value                  |
| system_time_zone | Mountain Standard Time |
| time_zone        | SYSTEM                 |

To get this change in MySql simple open services and search for MySql Service and restart it.
This should change your MySql Timezone as well.

Eclipse Indigo Hangs : Java was started but returned exit code

Eclipse suddenly started to hang when starting up around “Loading Workbench”. Eclipse stopped responding and you get the dialog to close the program.
The error shown afterwards:
“Java was started but returned exit code=-805306369″
If you are running java 1.6u21 then look at Eclipse Bug 319514 and The Oracle/Sun fix on Eclipse wiki site.
This however wasn’t the problem as I was running Java 1.6.0_31b05. Tried to uninstall and reinstall Java but no success. Tried to look through the plugins I was using but nothing.
The error was due to a corrupt workspace. As I disable the workspace check in the startup I couldn’t select another workspace since Eclipse wouldn’t start. Rename the workspace e.g. to “workspace1″. Eclipse will start and create a new uncorrupted workspace and work without any problems. Afterwards you can import your project into your new workspace and in the end remove the old corrupted workspace.
Alternatively, I solve this type of hangs as follows. Goto Workspace folder Backup .metadata folder some where and delete it from workspace folder, now open eclipse IDE and a .metadata folder is created. Now close eclipse and copy all the contents from .metadata folder which is backed up into the new .metadata file ,now open Eclipse it should start normally.

javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter cannot be resolved to a type

I suddenly got this error message and not sure what went wrong, after searching for sometime I found the below solution which resolved this problem.

Try doing these steps in your eclipse IDE and this should solve your problem

  1. Go to "Project->Properties->Validation".
  2. Click "Configure Workspace Settings...".
  3. Unselect options for JSP Syntax Validator. You need to uncheck both manual and build