How to Fix CD/ DVD Drive Missing in My Computer

Let me describe the problem which I faced personally.
CD/DVD Drive is missing or not recognized

Yesterday night my CD/DVD drive was working fine. All of a sudden I don't find my CD/DVD drive in My Computer, Something went wrong I restarted the computer but it didn't helped me.

Then I tried the following steps one after the other
  • Restarted the computer and opened BIOS screen and checked if it is showing there or not. Yes it is shown in BIOS about the CD/DVD drive.
  • Now I thought if I installed some new Hardware/software yesterday. Now I restarted the computer Press F8 and selected "Last Known Good Configuration that worked" , but this also didn't help me.
  • Now what, I right My Computer -> Manage > Device Manager, Right Click on CD/DVD drive Properties, check the Device Status, This shows "The Device is Working Properly"
  • Now I tried updating Device Software ( Right Click CD/DVD drive - Update Driver Software)
    It says the Driver Software is Upto Date.
  • This time I uninstall and Install Driver Software and restarted the computer, this also didn't help me.
Wasted 1 hr doing all these, finally I found a Software which helped me Fix this issue. Its Fix It from Microsoft.

You Can download this from here

This really Helped me fix the problem in 5 minutes. Please click here to check the complete details of this issue.

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