How to remove virus

After installing camstudio, I noticed that all the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) started redirecting me to website, I checked about this in internet and did everything they suggested. The things that I did were..

1. Remove Camstudio or other free software that caused sweet-page to enter into the computer
2. Remove any other software that was installed along with the free software
3. Open Firefox , Chrome, IE and remove any unwanted extensions
How to remove Chrome extensions or add-ons

How to remove Mozilla Firefox extensions or add-ons
How to remove IE Firefox extensions or add-ons

4. Right click shortcuts of Chrome IE Firefox and update their links. For example

Even after updating everything, I have seen the browsers are not behaving properly, they are always redirecting to sweet-page. To fix this I have used RKill Software to fix all shortcuts

Download RKill

5. Fix Chrome/Firefox start pages

6. Open Regedit and search for "Sweet-page" and modify the values of all the entries where you see Sweet-Page. Make it blank.
Right click on the key select modify and delete the value-data.

Some good tutorials from internet

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