All My Windows Applications are opening Same application

I faced a peculiar problem . All Windows applications are opening the same application
/ All programs icons have changed and opening same exe file.

How can I fix this problem, I think I Have to change some registry settings.
Goto Run - Type Regedit and press enter.

Even this is opening the same Exe file. While searching google I found a great article which helped me. Copy the below contents into notepad save it as "fix.reg" and double click it and Merge the contents.
Restart the computer, you will see normal setting.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




If you cannot Open Notepad, You can download it from here.

One more Fix which I found in another site, The first one worked for me so I didn;t try this.

Goto -
Then click - 'Win XP Fixes'
Then click - 'File Association Fixes'
Then - 'EXE File Association Fix'
And run the program
Select 'xp_exe_fix.reg'
Registry Editor window should appear and select 'YES'

Method - 3
Refer the below link for solution

Both above solutions found on Internet

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